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Retired Blocks For Sale

Post Fri Dec 12, 2014 6:14 pm

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Hello All,

So, with the arrival of two very special blocks, I've decided to part with some others. I'll have a comprehensive list later in the weekend but for now, I know that these three will be available:

A rare, non-standard issue PQ European Stud Brand. This one is signed by Sid ('94) and was made in the early days when he was experimenting with differing styles and finishes. It's a very special block, especially as he has signed it. This one is $400 plus shipping. If you've been looking to gift a very special block to a loved one or yourself, here it is.

I also have a PQ Ha and a PQ Target. These are both really nice tiles as well. In the spirit of the holiday season, I'll be offering them for just $125 each plus shipping. That's not much more than a new tile today -- and these are retired beauties from the 90s!!

I have yet to take any, but I'll gladly send pics upon request - certainly by tomorrow night.

Shipping is tbd depending on how fast you want it and where it's going. I don't profit on shipping costs - it'll cost you what it costs me.

I probably will have 8-10 more to offer. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail:



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