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Does anybody know how to get around it when you request immediate payment from a buyer for BIN, but you have not put in a shipping cost for their country?

I had to cancel my auction and send her a paypal invoice- she was frantic someone else was going to buy it to lol.

also I was wondering what's the best company to ship internationally, Canada Post won't insure items over $100 unless you xpresspost at the cost of your left arm.....

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Sometimes its worth your left arm. Shipping is expensive and worth it if the tile is a pricey one and you want to make sure it arrives safely! Lots of Bubble wrap!!! I have had them come to me from all over the world & paid over $60 to have some shipped. Most of us don't mind the cost as long as it is not inflated by the seller to make extra cash, we are all pretty savy to shipping. As long as it is a realistic price and the buyer is aware it is generally not a problem as they are picking up the shipping cost.

Selling has its own learning curve as well, good luck with your auctions & the best advice is to stay in touch with the buyer, communication is key!!! At least it is for me. :D

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Annie is correct....communication is the key. Never let a Buyer or Seller wonder what's going's just common courtesy and good manners. :) :)

Best of luck to you!

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I was starting to bid on this item on eBay but it looks different than the one on your website. The base is different. Is this real?... ... 1426.l2649

Can someone tell me?

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